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At TSL, we share one purpose: to reshape the transport and logistics industry in Sub Saharan Africa, with talented and passionate employees who are determined to take on the challenge. So whether you are just starting out in your career or looking to take that next step, our organisation creates the platform where you can go as far and as fast as your ambition and ability can take you.

We’re offering
You More...

We are aware that to attract and retain the best people, we  must offer them more. More ways to take advantage of the  opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, and more  directions in which to pursue their careers.

We have a vast  range of roles, disciplines, functions and international  partnerships to satisfy the most imaginative and determined  minds. And as our business evolves, new possibilities arise. Here  you can become a business leader, working on real life projects  and building specialist knowledge and expertise.

Freedom to act

Our success depends on our ability to innovate and consistently meet our customers’ needs; so we do everything we can to ensure that enterprising people have the freedom to act. We give them all the support and encouragement they need. At the same time, we empower them to make tough decisions, implement new ideas and use their initiative

Leadership is everyone's responsibility

Leadership can take many different forms. It could be  leading teams in a department or during a project. It  could mean using your expertise in a key subject area. It  could involve thought leadership or simply supporting a  team member to succeed. It’s about getting things done  in a way that others will admire and follow.

You Decide!

We believe that individuals should drive their own careers and that life at work should be a continuous learning journey as well as an opportunity to impact the environment we operate in. Seizing the opportunity to make a difference is more important than simply progressing up the ladder. People with this attitude and approach will find Transport Services Ltd challenging, inspiring and highly rewarding.

“Working at TSL has been very rewarding. The entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the organization constantly challenges my colleagues and I to go the extra mile and constantly strive for excellence in all we do. The Leadership of TSL always work to ensure that my personal goal find expression within the goals of the organization. The growth that I have seen in just five years is inspiring, and I am proud as a Nigerian for what this indigenous organization has accomplished in a very short time.

Adepoju Ogunniyi, Senior Manager, Business Transformation / Office of the Future

Tips for Applying

You may not have applied for a job for some time. So take a moment to decide how you approach your CV and the interview process.

Think about the role you’re applying for and tailor your CV accordingly. It’s important that you clearly present all your relevant skills, experience and training.

Be succinct, but not too short. A single page doesn’t really tell us enough about you, but a good CV should never be more than two to three pages.

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