Dedicated to maintaining excellent standards of health and safety

TSL works in a challenging industry which makes significant contributions to the economic prosperity of our society. The challenges that confront us include having to manage hazards associated with our activities.  

Our HSSE commitment of ‘No harm to people’ requires our employees and contractors to have the capability to identify and manage hazards associated with their activities to “As Low as Reasonably Practical” (ALARP).

Our Commitment to Safety

TSL has long standing commitments to the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality of service delivery. These commitments are aimed at achieving the ultimate goal of Zero Harm to People, No Damage to Assets and the Environment.

We have a systematic approach to HSSEQ and Training management designed to ensure compliance with Federal laws and International Standards and to achieve continuous performance improvement.

TSL’s HSSE Policy

TSL promotes a strong culture of commitment to HSSE Management through its core values of consistency, integrity, and respect for individuals, professionalism and environmental responsibility.

Our HSSE Policy guides business decisions, and ensures all operational activities are aligned with the policy for sustained business performance. The Policy is composed of our present actions to ensure health and safety of people, protection of the environment and compliance with industry standards, as well as future aim and goals expressed as Commitments.

TSL operates under principles, supported by policies and business controls and implemented through the various departments and organizational structures. In support of the principles there are other policies and an HSE Management System (HSE-MS), which is a reference document that defines the various HSE policies and processes that operate at all level across the company.

Managing HSE is crucial for business success. However, we must manage multiple business aspects and risks, and there is a limit to the resources available. Management is about priorities.  It is critical therefore, that we require a structured and systematic approach to be able to set the right priorities. A crucial aspect is the need for continuous learning. By applying the “plan – do – check – feedback” system, we are able to create a continuous improvement loop.

TSL has several initiatives in place to support in achieving the HSE and operational excellence that we strive for.