Doing well by doing good

TSL’s CSR Philosophy

TSL is committed to creating a better future for transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, through designing and implementing sustainable strategies. Regular consultations with our key stakeholders amongst which are our Customers, employees, business partners, authorities, suppliers, shareholders and local communities have always kept us abreast with their expectations. We are keen to deliver both business growth and positive social impact via our 3 CSR Pillars. Our approach is to inspire advocacy & action through our entire value chain as well as our employees; leading to actions that will build a sustainable future for our industry and the generations to come. We are prepared to make a difference in the critical issues that impact our organisation, industry and the environment we operate in:

At the heart of TSL’s CSR are three pillars:

  • Road Transportation Safety
  • Enhancing livelihoods via Education
  • Supporting Human Aid efforts through our logistics network

TSL CSR Pillars

Road and Transport Safety

Safety drives TSL’s Business strategy. All business operations and activities at TSL are carefully developed with safety policies and procedures in alignment with the Global Best Practice for Transportation. TSL has demonstrated strong commitment to her HSE mandate over the years with continuous investment in personnel training and acquisition of technology that enhance operations. In the course of our business, we understand that Accidents are caused by several factors: human behavior (drivers and other road users), vehicle standards and technology, road infrastructure and traffic systems. Improving road safety is a global concern and increasingly becoming a top priority for many countries.

Our approach is to help change the narrative with regards to road usage and safety by doing the following:

We will continue to step up our engagement with government authorities and other organisations in our industry to raise awareness about the cause of accidents, using standards correctly, and exchanging best practice knowledge.

The TSL Driving Institute in partnership with Lafarge Africa in Calabar is at the center of our drive to ensuring operators drive safely on the Nigerian roads. We are positioned to extend the services of the Institute to external stakeholders to ensure we continue to change the narrative with regards to road safety.


Our ambition is to enhance livelihoods by creating opportunities to education via technical training. TSL has an admirable reputation for strong technical competences to ensure the commercial vehicles used are maintained in good and safe conditions and are road-worthy, with the view of maximizing return on investment for all parties.

The TSL Technical Training Academy focuses on developing technical skills in young men and women to enable them build meaningful careers and businesses; thereby contributing to the UN 8th Sustainable Development Goal – Decent work and Economic Growth.

Human Aid

The need for excellent humanitarian operations and logistics is bigger than ever in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. With natural and man-made disasters rippling over the continent, there is a high demand for effective humanitarian logistics to react to catastrophes and to improve the humanitarian situation. The terrible losses inflicted by disasters interrupt business operations, disrupts lives as well as communities. With our strong logistics network and operations, we will accelerate our partnerships with NGOs, government and humanitarian aid authorities by providing logistics support and expertise to these organisations during humanitarian crises. We strongly believe that with our initiative, we will contribute and make a meaningful change in the Nigerian humanitarian logistics environment.