Corporate Responsibility

As an indigenous company, TSL Marine stands to benefit from laws and policies that seek to encourage Nigerian content in the oil and gas sector of the economy. To this end, we are pursuing an aggressive fleet expansion programme as well as crew training and development. This is in line with the company’s vision, to be the reference point for true local content development in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.
We have therefore built up alliances and relationships with world-class companies who are prepared and committed to transfer skills and knowledge to our staff. Thus, our full complement of staff is 100% Nigerian and all our suppliers /consultants are Nigerian firms/ companies except where such a service is not available locally.

 Community Relations Policy
TSL Marine Ltd, will continually identify with the needs and aspirations of our clients and the host communities in the execution of our operations/contracts. With an understanding that we cannot operate in seclusion, we will mediate with host communities, local stakeholders, government departments and relevant bodies in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere.
TSL Marine Ltd is committed to investing in and supporting the communities in which we live and work. We therefore constantly look for ways to bring value and development to help improve the lives of the people around us.
The company through its well-rounded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies contributes to various community projects, employment and training of community youths both offshore and onshore.