Our Services

We render the following services:

  • Logistics and Distribution Management +

    • Our Logistics and Distribution Management services are geared towards delivering complete turn-key solution for business-to-business order fulfillment requirements.

      TSL Logistics Limited is your outsourced Warehouse and Distribution Division.

      We support our clients in reaching their business goals by providing the 3rd party Warehousing solutions that meet their specific business needs, while ensuring provision of world class Distribution Management services.

  • Design, Development, Operation & Maintenance of Petroleum Products Storage & Hydrant Systems+

    • TSL Logistics offers the expertise, resources and knowledge to assist in the Design, Construction, and Financing of Petroleum Products Storage facilities and associated infrastructure development projects.

      TSL Logistics has served as a consultant to airport developers on Design of Jet Fuel Storage Facilities and Fuel Hydrant projects.

      TSL Logistics currently has a functional and unrelenting maintenance team with detailed programs in which each Terminal, Into-Plane fueling & Support equipment receives timely preventive maintenance and quality control checks regularly.

  • Product Inventory Management +

    • We understand that most customers need more than just straightforward warehousing of their products.

      We go further to design, develop and deliver specialised, technology-driven product distribution solutions.

      TSL Logistics Limited have consistently demonstrated commendable expertise in product inventory management in the downstream oil and gas industry, manufacturing industry, transportation industry and to other 3PL providers in Nigeria.

  • Into-Plane Refueling Operations+

    • TSL Logistics Limited is the first third party Into-Plane refueling company in West Africa. With prescence at international airports in Nigeria, the company has garnered the experience and proven track record to provide safe, qualitative and cost effective fueling services to local and international airlines.

      We own the largest single fleet of Specialised Aircraft Refuelers by any non Jet fuel Marketer in the sub-region.

      We have consistently exceeded strict operating criteria in the areas of timeliness, quality, safety, accuracy, and professionalism. Our team is trained in line with international industry standards across all fields of our operations.

      With our years of experience, the integrity of our management, personnel, supervisory and administrative support groups, we have developed proven in-depth processes to provide the following maintenance, operational and management services while maintaining and exceeding airline and industry regulations and standards:
      – Refueling Operations

      – Tank Farm Facilities Management and Maintenance

      – Hydrant Systems Management and Maintenance

      – Equipment Management and Maintenance

      – Inventory Management

      – Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality Control Management

  • Finance, Logistics & Warehousing Services +

    • TSL Logistics Limited has the capacity for financing, procurement and transportation of products as well as warehouse development, storage and distribution.

      We develop and provide efficient and effective solutions that meet the logistics and business operations needs of our clients through site and situation analysis, site selection, modelling, network and asset optimisation for clients who desire to totally outsource their purchasing and procurement activities.

      We create systems that best meet client requirements and help to identify ideal space requirements, layout, labour and systems needs for storage development.

  • Warehousing & Storage +

    • We assist you in carrying out Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to control, document and manage the movement of goods through our strategic warehousing expertise.

      We have the resources and capacity to put in place for our clients, customized Inventory Control Management with inventory reporting, cycle counts, physical counts and customized billing, providing online access to real-time inventory information via a web based interface to a robust WMS system.

      TSL Logistics Limited also has import and export capabilities, with expertise in complete overseas shipping, container processing, as well as consolidation.

  • Logistics Distribution Consultancy & Training +

    • With our competency in Logistics Distribution Consultancy & Training, TSL Logistics Limited provides cost-saving, efficient and best-in-class processes aimed at determining the right solution to the requirements of our teeming customers. We do this through our state-of-the-art methodology of Transportation Management, Systems Analysis as well as Distribution Network, Design and Analysis.

      We are able to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in our distribution networks through our capacity to plan and meet the challenges of ever changing and dynamic market and customer base. Our team of highly experienced and professional Logistics analysts and consultants are able to provide the right solutions for each clients’ business requirements, while exceeding our clients’ expectations in customer service and customer satisfaction.

      Our consulting services answer key business questions such as:
      – What is the required number of Distribution Centers?
      – What will be the locations of Distribution Centers?
      – What customers are to be served from each Distribution Center?
      – What are the expected throughput for each Distribution Center?
      – What will be the projected impact on costs and services?
      – Which ports should be utilized?
      – What modes of transportation offer the best balance of cost and service?

      We carry out effective research and data gathering to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ business requirements. Our team of highly experienced and professional logistics analysts and consultants are able to design solutions tailored to minimize the cost of moving products from source to the desired destination, while exceeding clients’ expectations in customer service and customer satisfaction.

  • Energy Trading +

    • Energy trading initiative committed to energy delivery in the West African region with a current Nigerian focus through the supply & physical trading of crude oil derivatives

      Our team comprises of professionals with in-depth knowledge of and vast experience in petroleum products trading, supply and marine logistics disciplines required to actively participate as a competent, competitive player in the flourishing Nigerian downstream sector.

      Our long term relationship with renowned global trading companies built on integrity and standard industry practices further supports our business objectives to deliver crude oil distillates to our client base comprising oil majors and established independent oil marketing companies alike.